JO304 Final Project: Behind Abortion


This semester, I have kept following a anti-abortion organization named 40 Days For Life. From their personal stories, I started to be interested in knowing more information behind abortion. Trying to be more objective, I analyze information from both pro-choice and anti-abortion sides.

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First Boston Anti-abortion Protest Outside Planned Parenthood

About 75 protesters prayed outside in the first Boston annual anti-abortion protest at the Commonwealth Planned Parenthood clinic on Saturday, April 23, 2016.

Most members and volunteers came from an organization named 40 Days For Life. It’s an international anti-abortion organization. Less than ten members gathered at this Planned Parenthood weekly, but this was their first annual protest. It lasted from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 40 Days For Life invited people from Massachusetts Citizens for Life and Pro Life Legal Defense Fund to come and to speak.

These Christian women held pro-life signs that read, “Pray For End Abortion,” “Defend Life,” and “I am a Voice, for the Voiceless.” some brought children with them. One mom took her own family, including her little son on the baby carriage, her 12-year-old daughter, her sister, and her sister’s son. An 8-year-old girl held a toy baby basket and a 10-year-old boy held the “Defend Life” sign with his mom.

“I got abortion several years before,“ Victoria Rio, a social worker, said. “I feel regretful for my unborn baby everyday. And my son is the great gift from god. I want him to know my abortion. And he wants to come with me today.”

Rev. Eugene Rivers, pastor of Christian Azusa Community Church, spoke first. He criticized the darkness of Planned Parenthood and its relation with the current U.S politics. Rivers didn’t like Hillary Clinton’s pro-abortion strategy. After the speech, he immediately went to protesters and took photos with them.

Anne Fox, president of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, mainly talked about the successful progress of 40 Days For Life campaign. “Since this campaign started nationally in 2007, 70 abortion facilities are closed and 11,796 lives have been saved from abortion.”

Not everyone was happy about the protest. A group of young males ran through the crowd. They gave the middle fingers to the protesters and yelled, “You know nothing. You idiots.” One female driver stopped her car and yelled to protesters, “Tell me what to do with my body one more time!”

When the President of Pro Life Legal Defense Fund Robert W. Joyce talked about the story of the organization’s founder Abraham Lincoln, it started raining. No one left and the protest lasted for another hour under the rain. Father McNamara concluded the 2-hour events with a spiritual reflection.

40 Days For Life volunteers approached people, especially young women or couples, who passed by the protest or intended to go inside the clinic. Planned Parenthood’s staff, who wore orange waistcoats, shielded them from disturbance. One Planned Parenthood volunteer said that these protesters used to prevent patients getting basic health care.

About five policemen from Boston Police came to the Planned Parenthood earlier than the protest started. They set the Boston Police barriers two meters in front of Planned Parenthood. During the protest, one female policeman kept yelling, “Don’t come to the driveway.” Other two male policemen stood on one side to chat with the manager of Planned Parenthood.

Rios said, “ I pray for ending abortion. I pray that no woman has to undergo that kind of terror, that suffering, that type of decision. And if they do, to know that there is forgiveness. People do that may don’t know the implication of their choice.”


Final NewsTrack on BuzzFeed

This semester, I follow up BuzzFeed and it is a new and interesting news-gathering media. It not only provides news but also videos, quizzes, lists and even live experiments.

屏幕快照 2016-04-28 上午8.40.53

I summary five elements that differ BuzzFeed from other more traditional news media platforms.


Whatever you open BuzzFeed, you can find the funniest videos or the most ridiculous lists, especially on its Trending section. For example, here is an list collection of the 23 most tragic pictures from 2006.  For BuzzFeed readers, opening this kind of link and then laughing for 5 minutes is a good choice during the free time.


BuzzFeed News now becomes one of the fastest news medias to report on breaking news. Unlike its other sections, this news section give detailed and professional reports. Surprisingly, sometimes it has higher speed than other long-history professional news medias such as New York Times. On today’s news section, a developing story about the airstrike on a Syria hospital was on the front page this morning.

BuzzFeed says that it is a developing story and provides the contact information of the authors so that readers can know the most recent news and send valuable sources to the authors.

屏幕快照 2016-04-28 上午10.44.31.png


BuzzFeed was created in 2006, but its reader range is much farther than its competitors. I often see sources from BuzzFeed on some popular Chinese social medias. From What Networks Does BuzzFeed Actually Use — The 30+ networks, platforms, and distribution channels, I realize the number of cooperative platforms, networks and distribution channels that BuzzFeed has. When we learned Snapchat this semester, I find BuzzFeed is one of its major discoveries.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 4.06.33 PM.png


I think the success of BuzzFeed comes from its creativity. It uses lists as daily posts and makes videos to help understand stories. It sacrifices some visitors to its website to get reputation on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. When people see some BuzzFeed lists or jokes on Facebook, they don’t have to go directly to BuzzFeed websites to read them. It’s convenient.


More advertisements appear on BuzzFeed web page. Because it already have lots of pictures, the appearance of colorful advertisements are annoying.

Overall, I will keep using BuzzFeed app on my phone to read the breaking news and to do some interesting quizzes.

Recent News on China

April 26

China Reins In Plans to Build More Coal-Fired Power Plants

The Chinese government plans to build new coal-fired power stations instead of about 200 complete or incomplete coal-fired power generators. Since leaders of 175 countries, including China, gathered at Paris and made a climate deal. For China, the goal is to decrease the usage of coal and then to emit less greenhouse gasses. However, this new plan on building clean energy power stations would not decrease its overcapacity. Research shows that 40 to 50 percent of current wind or solar energy stations haven’t been fully used in China. Compared to United States, the speed of building new energy stations is much faster because the price of coal drops.

April 27

Apple iPhone, Once a Status Symbol in China, Loses Its Luster

Apple’s second-quarter earnings report showed that sales of iPhone in mainland China had fallen 11 percent compared with the same period a year earlier.

Because the most recent iPhone doesn’t have a big change on its technology, the major consumer group, middle-class young people, now wants to try phones from other competitors like Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo. And the government control on iBooks Store and iTunes Movies services hurts its sales too.

April 28

China Approves Strict Control of Foreign NGOs

The Chinese government had passed a strict law aimed at controlling the work of foreign nongovernmental organizations in China and their local partners. Although most foreign groups protest against the decision, all foreign organizations are required to report the information of their operations to the police. The law is considered as part of the protection of current one-party rule in China.




Fifteen Mothers’ Memorial for Twenty-three Unborn Babies

DSC_7297Far away from the exciting annual Boston Marathon, a special group silently gathered at the Abundant Hope Pregnancy Resource Center in Norwood on April 18. They are mothers who regret to abort their babies. To heal their mental depression condition, Kathy Hill, the MA State Ambassador for Surrendering the Secret Post-Abortion Healing Bible Study, invited them to have a special memorial for their unborn babies.

Everyone came to the center without knowing each other. They sat down without chatting and all looked at Kathy Hill. Hill started her speech with her roommate’s story. “That was the time after our country legalized abortion for ten years. My roommate got pregnant when she was in a relationship. She got abortion and sadly she was not able to have a baby again … She suffered a very long time from this kind of mental death … That’s why now I have the courage to help you who experience the emotional death after abortion…“

Two women looked painful when they listened to Hill’s speech, while most of them had no obvious facial expression.

Hill gave the statistic that 52 percent of the early abortion group and 67 percent of the late term abortion group have post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, PTSD. 90 percent of women had thought about suicide when they got abortion. “Being pregnant is a temporary problem, but abortion is a permanent solution.” she said.

After Hill’s speech, these women were led to the garden to have a memorial for their babies. They sat down and made a circle on the ground. Hill then inspired everyone talk about her experience. Surprisingly, this was the first time for most women in this group to talk about their abortion.

Reasons for choosing abortion were different because these women were in different situations. They talked about the inappropriate age, the difficulty to stay in school, the bad relationship, shame on getting pregnancy before marriage, and the danger to losing a rare job opportunity.

“When I was in college, the father of the baby wanted me to get abortion. I was very afraid and very alone. I was afraid to tell my parents.” A woman who looked like forty-year-old said. She was mentally suffered from her abortion since she was a college student and never expressed herself towards her family.

After everyone finished her stories. Hill encouraged them to name their babies, give babies’ identities, and imagine their future meeting with their babies. This scheduled one-hour-and-half memorial lasted for more than two hours. These fifteen women gave twenty-three names for their babies. Some of them obviously experienced abortion for more than one time. One of them had experienced abortion thrice.

“We let them feel the pain and the loss. And we really connect them spiritually with their children. So they go from an abortion, which is painful, terrible, bloody, and miserable to a son or daughter who they name. That is healing to mothers’ hearts. ” Hill said in the interview after the memorial.

This Week’s News on China

April 7

Chinese Blocks Economist and Time Websites, Apparently Over Xi Jinping Article

The website and phone app of The Economist and Time has been blocked in succession since April 2 and April 5 for their coverage on the Chinese president, Xi Jinping. They previously reported President Xi’s strong personality cults and high control over Chinese politics. The Economist tried to contact with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and got the response that its article is in question. Furthermore, all articles mentioned recent Panama Papers are blocked in China too.

April 15

As China’s Growth Slows, Banks Feel the Strain of Bad Debt

China’s bad loans condition becomes serious because of the slower economy growth. The total local currency loan now is equal to 144 percent of China’s yearly gross domestic product and its possible consequences are financial crises or prolonged slowdowns. The typical example is Bohai Steel. Chinese government has to continuously afford its loan so that national Banks such as the Bank of China, Industrial Bank and Citic Bank will continuously suffer from bad loans. And Bohai Steel is just one of more than 100 companies under the similar situation.